Texas-made with a heavy dose of wanderlust. I yearn for a challenge, so I don’t mind taking the leap on risky opportunities. I live in the NOW. My style changes with the season, but there’s always an undertone of bohemian or edge to my vibe.

My Instagram account illustrates my lifestyle aesthetic through styled looks, home design, travel, and other experiences. I launched my career in professional sales in 2010. Even back then, I was inspired by social media to up my style game, take leaps in design, and hone my personal aesthetic. Since then I’ve dabbled in personal styling and interior design. I even flipped a house. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know what I’m passionate about. Fashion and design are my creative outlets. I shoot straight so you will never see me promote something that I don’t believe in or haven’t incorporated into my own life. I’m direct, candid, and uncomplicated. Let’s keep it REAL.

I’m counting on my personal style and entrepreneurial spirit to connect me with unique brands and people that share my aesthetic, or are just looking for inspiration. I can’t wait to continue sharing my adventures with you–I’m keeping an open mind for the journey ahead.

-Morgan Page